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Stowage of vertical steel coils

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Vertical coils are stowed ETTS which stands for “Eye To The Sky”. Introduction Coils nominated to be stowed this way are usually of higher cost and value compared to regular cold-rolled steel coils. They are also smaller in both diameter and length than other coils. The external packing would be similar to other coils with […]

Draft mark reading

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Reading a ship’s draft marks accurately is essential to ensure the correct calculations of a draft survey. Draft marks are found at 06 locations on a ship’s hull: fore, mid, and aft of both port and starboard sides, with a column of numbers running down the hull.   These numerals are draft markings and they […]

Draft survey

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A vessel’s draft is the distance from the keel to the waterline. A draft survey determines the weight of cargo onboard a vessel based on Archimedes’ principle by calculating the changes to displacement.   Draft survey process: Checking the vessel’s hydrostatic, trim & stability booklets, sounding tables as well as vessel’s listing angle. Reading the […]

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