Fire safety survey & Certification

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Fire safety survey & Certification With modern detectors, we could check and certify before the fire work as well as to assess hazardous environments at industrial sites and house holds. Our services also used by many of the gas industrial factories or tankers to detect Hydrocarbon composition before repairing and Oxygen composition after Nitrogen [...]

Insurance Accident investigation

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Since the developing of the Personal Insurance (Life, Vehicles, Accident, Property & Travel Insurance) market in Vietnam, Vietcontrol also provided the Insurance  Accident investigation & gathering information for the insurance companies. By providing professional services with good relationships with hospitals and government agencies (police offices, people committees…) we can get the legal documents on the [...]

Asset valuation

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Vietcontrol provides independent valuation service of assets such as machinery and equipment, production line, real estate, enterprise's property... The valuation of assets is undertaken for a number of purposes. For example, the valuation of an asset may be used to: gather information for purchase, mortgage … generate the information needed for internal control, resource allocation [...]

Tallying, weighing & supervision of loading/discharge cargo

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    1. Tallying   This is to check the quantity, kind, brand, net weight etc. of goods in a package, compare with the Packing List, manifest ..ect and to certify there is no error in the statements of the list.      2. Weighing [...]

Sampling, Testing, Analyzing & Certification

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Sampling, Testing, Analyzing and Certification Services are including testing product quality against various health, safety and regulatory standards. Products Certification is the process of certifying that a certain product has passed performance tests and quality assurance tests required by contracts, regulations or specifications. Our testing products include:  Foods Animal feeds, Agricultural and forestry products Chemical [...]

Oil, gas & liquid chemical inspection

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Supervision of loading and discharging on ship / shore-tank Quantitative measurement and calculation of ship tanks Quantitative measurement and calculation at shore-tanks Bunker survey / Bunkering survey Visual cleanliness inspection of ship-tanks, pumps and pipelines Sampling Analyzing and testing services according to Vietnamese and International Standards Contamination, loss and damage survey Tanks calibration Advisory and [...]

Damage survey

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Damage survey The purpose of our damage survey is to establish the nature and extent of the, we can help clients mitigate the possible financial losses resulting from damaged goods and products. Vietcontrol, in addition to carrying out damage surveys, makes appropriate recommendations relating to (a) repair of or disposal of damaged cargo, (b) [...]

Food Stuffs & Consumer Goods Inspection

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Food Stuffs & Consumer Goods Inspection Inspection of raw materials (quality, type, quantity, weight, condition) before production Inspection during production (inspect each phase basing on the design and sample…) Pre-shipment inspection: quality, quantity, packing and marking Attendance at the stuffing and un-stuffing at container Tallying; Sealing… Testing & Safety certification of package and goods. [...]

Agriculture Commodities & Animal Feed Inspection

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Agriculture Commodities & Animal Feed Inspection Inspection during processing & packing Inspection of quality and quantity Inspection of packing and marking Supervision during loading and discharging Sampling ,Testing and Analyzing Tallying service Ship hold/ container inspection before loading Sealing Checking & issuing Health certificate Advisory and other specific services on request [...]