1. Tallying


This is to check the quantity, kind, brand, net weight etc. of goods in a package, compare with the Packing List, manifest ..ect and to certify there is no error in the statements of the list.

     2. Weighing


This is to survey and certify the net weight of cargo (merchandise) employing methods proper to the purpose of weighing. Also, Vietcontrol shall witness, direct and supervise the weighing operation, and then report the conditions and results of weighing.

     2. Supervision of loading/discharging cargo


Loading and discharging supervision is to ensure that the cargo is handled safely and correctly with regard to stowage, trimming, securing/lashing, claenliness of holds/containers and other specific issues that may relevant.

The report on loading/discharging condition of cargo can be used as a proof for further damage claim handling or issuing Mate receipt and B/L.