Vietcontrol provides independent valuation service of assets such as machinery and equipment, production line, real estate, enterprise’s property…

The valuation of assets is undertaken for a number of purposes. For example, the valuation of an asset may be used to:

  • gather information for purchase, mortgage …
  • generate the information needed for internal control, resource allocation and performance assessment;
  • establish the basis for asset realisation;
  • determine insurance cover and risk exposure; and
  • meet requirements for external financial reporting : to the bank for borrowing, to the officials on investment value, to potential investors for calling investment …

Choice of an appropriate valuation method depends firstly on the purpose of the valuation, and secondly on the nature of the asset involved.

The three approaches that normally using in our valuation reports are :

The appraiser will determine which one or more of these approaches may be applicable, based on the scope of work determination, and from that develop an appraisal analysis. Costs, income, and sales vary widely from one situation to the next, and particular importance is given to the specific characteristics of the subject.